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The Importance of Tools and Methodologies in Continuous Improvement   I occasionally speak with business owners and executives who believe in increasing quality, efficiency and productivity but are resistant to the idea of formal Operational Excellence (OpEx) programs. They often site the complexity of Six-Sigma or don’t really understand the lean approach. But really, their concerns boil down to a …

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Last week the NY/NJ Minority Supplier Diversity Council & AIOPX Management Consulting presented the 1st of a series of webinars on the measurable value of OpEx. In this webinar, we examined three key opportunities to maximize the value of your investment in OpEx -employee engagement, tools and methodologies, and Key Performance Indicators.   Click here to download slides from the …

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04/12/16 David M.Powe OpEx and Your Business Every business or company that creates, builds or otherwise produces something relies on a supply chain to make sure it has the people and materials it needs to fulfill its production and customer service goals smoothly and efficiently. One key to having a high performance supply chain is developing an effective Operations Excellence …

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 2/15/16 Is your business improvement process delivering what you expected? Many small and mid-sized companies report that they “tried” lean or six-sigma but didn’t get the results they expected. Most likely, the reason you aren’t getting results is because you don’t have all of the pieces in place to create a comprehensive Operations Excellence (OpEx) program. Pieces of the pie  …

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10/26/15 David M. Powe     What would it mean to your business if you could improve lead times by 40%? One way to answer that is to ask yourself what it would me to you if your suppliers could reduce their lead time by 40%? A faster supply chain makes any business more responsive to its customers which almost …

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  9/18/15 David M. Powe – Lead Consultant AIOPX Management Consulting   Where I live, in upstate New York, signs are all around that Summer is over. Days are shortening, the the school busses are rolling and there are even leaves starting to turn. Summer is over!    If you are running a business or responsible for an operation, now …