The NY/NJ Minority Supplier Development Council proudly presents an exclusive program for a select group of NY/NJ MBE's. This proven approach to Continuous Improvement is the foundation for MBE's ready for real business growth and profitability. 

What is The Procurement Ready Round Table?

It's a“Facilitated Peer-To-Peer Group Learning” approach to building procurement ready processes and practices.
Groups of up to 12 companies in non-competitive markets, work together in a facilitated group format to identify and implement world-class methodologies and practices that will make them more attractive candidates for supplying Council corporate members.


Procurement Ready Roundtable event, Aug. 12, 2020


Which MBE's should apply for The Procurement Ready Roundtable?

NY/NJ MSDC MBE's with proactive and intentional leadership seeking significant growth
MBE Companies seeking to improve their readiness to serve NY/NJ MSDC corporate members and large Tier 1 suppliers. In addition to improving their readiness, they are also seeking to demonstrate their commitment to developing as a supplier.

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