Why Your Lean, Six-Sigma Efforts Are Falling Short


Is your business improvement process delivering what you expected?

Many small and mid-sized companies report that they “tried” lean or six-sigma but didn’t get the results they expected. Most likely, the reason you aren’t getting results is because you don’t have all of the pieces in place to create a comprehensive Operations Excellence (OpEx) program.

Pieces of the pie Lean 5S Graphic

What are the elements of a strong OpEx effort? When I assess process improvement efforts, I look for evidence that all seven of these program elements are functioning well:

The seven pieces of the comprehensive OpEx assessment pie are:

  • Leadership & Executive Training – do the senior leaders in the company understand their role in continuous process improvement.
  • Line of Site – are project deliverables tied directly to the top business goals
  • Business and Departmental Accountability – does the business hold itself accountable to deliver continuous improvement results in aggregate and at the departmental level.
  • Project Execution – are declared projects being completed on time and with expected results
  • Project Leader Training – are project leaders trained in the tools and methodologies of process improvement
  • Project Accountability – are project champions engaged and insuring that project leaders are delivering results and using the available resources and tools.
  • Program Leadership – is there an expert who’s only role is to be accountable for the improvement results of the business.

If you aren’t getting all of these right, your OpEx efforts will under perform. Miss in multiple areas and it will fail completely.

Free assessment

There are many tools that you can use to perform an assessment. I will discuss some of them in my next blog. However, if your business needs help, AIOPX Management Consulting is offering free assessments during the first quarter of 2016.

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David M. Powe , Lead Consultant